Sunday, April 15, 2012

Burp Pad

     I had an order for a Boy Diaper Bag this week and thought I would show how to make a quick burp pad to match the bag and wipe case.  I used Riley Blake 100% cotton fabric from the "All Star" Collection designed by "My Mind's Eye" 2009.  The fabric I used for the burp pad is the same fabric I used on the inside of the diaper bag.  I choose to use a fleece fabric because it is so soft, but you can use terry cloth or flannel too. 

Burp Pad

 Supplies:  Sewing machine
                Rotary Cutter, 6x23in ruler, 20x20in ruler (optional), Cutting Mat
                Choice of fabric 1 fat quarter designer fabric and fat quarter of
                   Fleece, Terry Cloth, or Flannel
                Thread to match
                Dessert Plate to make rounded edges.
                Marking pencil of you use light fabric make sure to get an air
                   erase one.
                turning stick

Fabric Choice

I layered enough for 2 burp pads

I used the 20 1/2 in ruler and the rotary cutter to cut out a rectangle
20 1/2 x 12 inches
all cut out

lay them right sides together

Use a marking pencil to mark an opening on one of the short sides
Center the dessert plate at each corner and cut with your rotary
or mark a line and cut with Scissors

Should look like this now
sew a 1/4 in seam starting at the opening mark
for turning and continue around to the other mark

Your opening should look like this, about 3 to 4 inches wide
use a turning stick inside to help make a crisp edge

Tuck in the edges about a 1/4 inch so they match the seams
and pin in place
use a 1/8in seam all around the edge of the burp pad 

Should look like this
and this

now your going to make stay stitches. Make a mark down the
center of the burp pad top to bottom and 3 evenly spaced

I used a white marking pencil so I could see the markings and
sew on each line careful not to go over the edge.

Sew down each line
All Done!!
I usually make girl baby items because I have trouble selecting
fabric for boys, but I am very happy about how this turned out.

It is a personal challenge for me to make boy items because I only
had one child and of course she is a girl.